Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh are speculated to be the worst-hit states by the effects of the Nivar cyclonic storm.  The cyclone has been predicted to make a landfall between Chennai and Puducherry on November 25, Wednesday after 8 PM, so parts of Chennai will be affected due to the heavy downpours.

Puducherry has imposed section 144 and Tamil Nadu has declared Wednesday a public holiday in the event of the severe effects of the cyclone.

Emergency measures in Andhra Pradesh

Coastal parts of Andhra Pradesh has been alerted and Chief Minister Jagan Mogan Reddy conducted a virtual meeting with collectors from coastline districts to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to overcome the adverse effects of the landfall, which has expectations of occurrence between Mamallapuram and Karaikal.

Many parts of Chennai city received rainfall on Monday night and there has been on and off rainfall throughout Tuesday morning.

People living in low lying areas in Cuddalore and its surroundings have been advised to move to cyclone shelters.

Relief teams ready to operate in emergencies on account of Nivar cyclone

465 ambulances has been kept ready near police stations and government facilities to operate in emergency situations.

Chennai has been equipped with 5 teams due to expectations of potential floods and other teams have been distributed across the state to act swiftly.

A total of 22 NDRF teams have set foot for relief operations and 8 teams will be kept on standby throughout until the emergency clears, splitting up as 12 in Tamil Nadu and 1 each in Puducherry and Karaikal.

Chennai has already been affected by the cyclone and waterflood has been rushing into lowly areas and stagnant waters are flooding homes.

Trains cancelled in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

Trains between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh that will be operating on November 25 are cancelled on account of the cyclone.

The Howrah Superfast, Jan Shatabdi express, Bhubaneshwar special and Mysuru special trains have been cancelled too.

Cancelled trains:

Cancelled trains:

IMD Twitter:


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