Donald Trump has been promoting false information on his Twitter during his period as a president, and now since he will be forsaking his luxury as the President of a country and entering everyday civilian life, he might no longer exercise the special privileges of a world leader as before.

Twitter has confessed several times that the President just doesn’t seem to abide by the platforms’ terms and conditions of operation.

As one can see from the list of tweets that keep popping up on his Twitter, especially after the elections regarding how he has been spreading unfiltered hate against the election results, his handle might be held accountable.

In the measures to promote ingenuity for the most part when the elections were nearing Twitter decided to actively warn the users to be contingent upon misleading/ false information using warning labels that display below the text.

Moderators are flagging Trump’s tweets claiming to have been spreading false information around election results even after the aggressive warnings have stopped post-election.

Democratic leaders requested the suspension of his account as he was spreading misinformation regarding election results.

His tweets were restricted which means that they were not apparently displayed in the feed unless one deliberately visits his account to see them.

Generally, accounts that pertain to such conditions are subject to a ban or suspension, but tweets from world leaders that can serve as a record of events are free to post their thoughts. But even such accounts can be disciplined or banned for promoting terrorism, threatening individuals (except the ones relating to political issues), exposing private information or pictures unconsented by the concerned person, promoting sexual abuse or child exploitation and suicidal tweets.

As per a statement by Twitter to TechCrunch a few weeks back, the company will continue providing their platform for people to voice their thoughts and respond to leaders and hold them accountable for their actions or tweets, but sometimes the platform tends to let the public have the access to certain tweets even if they don’t fall under their terms and conditions.

As Trump returns from his Presidency his account might likely be subjected to a suspension holding him liable to the laws. It is unclear if his recent violations will be taken into account but he has often broken Twitter’s Civic policy.

In the congressional meeting that was held on November 17, that was focused around social media and the impact it had on 2020 elections where Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey participated, the Twitter CEO said once Trump vacates the office the policy that protected his account will no longer exist, as Twitter will cease to consider his account as a public record for events as it used to and will not be considered under its Public Interest Guidelines.


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