With 243 assembly seats in Bihar, there had been moments of close calls and marginal leads in on-going counting process in the state that started on Tuesday morning. This is the first election held in the country after the outbreak of the pandemic.

The election was held in three phases starting on October 28 and ending on November 7.

The state’s NDA alliance has imposed a strong lead in the state against the opposition Lalu Prasad’s son and CM representative Tejashwi Yadav of the “Grand Alliance”, MGB.

However exit poll predictions and opinion polls show otherwise.

Exit polls are surveys taken outside a polling booth when a voter has completed their voting process, to predict the winning party.

The results of exit polls are not allowed to be published or leaked any time before the actual polls come to an end, so as to prevent people from casting biased votes as per the law.

These poll results were released after the actual voting booths closed on Saturday in the state.

These agencies conducted exit polls and opinion polls and their results are contradictory to what has been projected in the counting process.

Business Standard:

Exit polls conducted on the third and final day of polls showed a grand win for Tejashwi Yadav and co led “Grand Alliance” over the NDA.


Polls of polls conducted by NDTV suggest that NDA will fall behind by 99 seats and the opposition will win 128 seats of the total 243 seats. LJP was allotted 6 seats.

Today’s Chanakya:

Today’s Chanakya predictions state that MGB alliance will secure anywhere between 169-191 seats, while the opposition stays held at 44-66 of the total 243 seats.

India Today-Axis My India:

This poll predicted that MGB will have a clear edge win over the NDA by winning 139-161 seats, while the latter might hold to account 69-91 seats.

5 seats were allotted for Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party.


According to ABP-CVoter, LJP might secure upto 5 seats, while the allotments for NDA and MGB were a close call with NDA winning 104-128 seats and MGB winning 108-131 seats, predicting that both parties have chances of capturing the state’s throne.

Republic TV-Jan ki Baat:

As per the predictions of this duo, MGB might win 118-138 seats as NDA may be falling behind this Grand alliance by winning somewhere between 91-117 seats. LJP was allotted 5-8 seats.


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